The Courtyard/Climate Control Courtyard

We have the finest selection of cat boarding accommodation. All our accommodation options are designed to ensure our guests have a peaceful, relaxed and enjoyable time away from home.
We offer a variety to ensure that the fussiest feline and owners are completely happy and at ease. We have found our feline guests prefer their own company; therefore all cats have their own private suite with special home comforts. Cats from the same family that love to be together are also catered for easily in this facility, due to the large resort style accommodation.
"The Courtyard" has a variety of comfortable accommodation options. The rear sections of these enclosures are well protected and contain cosy sleeping quarters. The front section of some of these enclosures include a cat-run/ramp with a viewing hut that allows your cat a birds-eye view of our colourful aviary and fish pond; as well as perching ledges/climbing trees, outdoor chair, tunnel and scratching post. The front sections are used on an alternating basis depending on occupancy.
For our guests that live a totally indoor lifestyle, we have an option of "Climate Control Courtyard". All accommodation options offer a view of our tropical style garden.

You are welcome to bring along your cats’ favourite bed from home. We have raised platforms that can accommodate both your cats’ bedding from home, as well as our bedding option. This gives your cat the opportunity to utilise something familiar, or explore and try something new.

* Upon arrival, please ensure your cat is in a secure cat carrier. If you do not have one, please ask our office staff to assist you from the car. We have Australian made airline quality cat carriers available for purchase.

Climate Control Courtyard

  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • View of our Tropical Style Garden
  • Completely Indoor Accommodation
  • Piped Music
  • Heated Shelves for Beds

The Courtyard

  • Large Comfortable Accommodation
  • Select Enclosures with Private Cat Run with Viewing Hut
  • Custom Designed Climbing/Scratching Apparatus made from Real Trees
  • A Choice of Comfortable Bedding and Sleeping Options
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