Boarding Kennels for Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

The Main is our medium to large dog facility. The building is designed with a courtyard garden in the centre which all pens face, the facility is not fully enclosed, however due to its design it is totally protected from the elements while allowing excellent ventilation and a pleasant outlook for your dog. In the winter months there is a raised sleeping platform which contains heating in the majority of enclosures. We encourage owners of indoor dogs to send along their dogs jackets/coats in the winter months. We have a large range of reasonably priced coats/jackets for sale if you do not have one.
A variety of play areas are located around the perimeter of the facility. These exercise areas have been designed with medium and large dogs in mind, therefore the size of these yards accommodate the largest dog to be able to romp around in, either with a friend or on their own. Several of the exercise areas also contain rock tunnels for dogs to climb through and on top of. Inspection is sure to please.
We provide hammock beds and all soft bedding that your dog will require whilst it is here, the bedding is laundered on a daily basis, for this reason we discourage owners bringing bedding from home. We also have toys which we allow the dogs to enjoy, so please do not bring any from home as they could get lost or damaged.

Code of Practice for Victorian Boarding Kennels states "only two dogs may share a pen or play yard at any given time", so rest assured your pet will have only one other friend. With written permission from owners three pets from the one family would be allowed to share. With over twenty years experience, we have found that many of our canine guests like to have a companion while boarding; whenever we pair dogs we always ensure their friend is compatible in age, size and temperament. For safety reasons, there are some breeds that we prefer to keep on their own due to their size and strength. These breeds include: Bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Boxers, Chow Chows, Dobermans, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Heelers, Huskys, Malamutes, Mastiffs, Maremmas, Rottweiler, Ridgebacks, Sheba Inus, Shepherds, Staffys, Staghounds, Wolfhounds, etc. Any dogs that are crossed with one of these breeds will also require single accommodation. Two dogs of any of these breeds from the same family are certainly able to stay together. Single accommodation is also available for those dogs and owners who would prefer this option, regardless of their dogs breed. Please note, single accommodation rates are higher than shared rates. See PRICINGS for details.

Boarding your pet is the best alternative care you can choose in your absence. The selection of this temporary home is an important decision. Cottage Kennels offers the concerned pet owner a "Total Concept" facility, providing each pet, at any stage of life, with an environment that greatly exceeds basic necessities. Including:

  • Heated Sleeping Platform
  • Variety of Outdoor Playgrounds
  • Bedding Supplied
  • Ceiling Fans

*Upon arrival please ensure your dog is safely restrained on a lead or in a pet carrier. During your dogs' stay we will utilise our own identification collar and lead, therefore request that you take your collar and lead home and remember to bring them along when collecting your pet.

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