The Courtyard offers beautiful, spacious enclosures that look out over our tropical garden featuring a colourful aviary and fish pond. The rear section of each Courtyard enclosure contains a cosy sleeping quarter with several bedding options on raised platforms.

The front of the enclosures offer a large area with climbing trees and perching ledges for exploring. Some of the rooms also have a cat-run with an attached viewing hut, allowing your cat the perfect view of the garden, aviary and fish pond. During busier times, the front section of each room is accessible every second day and when quieter, cats have access to this front section every day.
For cats that are accustomed to a completely indoor lifestyle, the Climate Controlled Courtyard ​is a great option​. ​These rooms offer the same view as our Courtyard rooms, however have heating and cooling which is very popular, particularly in warmer and cooler months. As these rooms are slightly smaller than The Courtyard and The Catwalk rooms, the Climate Controlled Courtyard is well suited to older cats or those that live a more sedentary lifestyle.

The cattery is fully staffed every day of the year, ensuring your cat receives the regular interaction and attention they need.


The Courtyard: $29.00 per cat per day ($26.00 per day per cat for two cats from the same family if sharing a room) Climate Controlled Courtyard: $32.00 per cat per day ($29.00 per day per cat for two cats from the same family if sharing a room)


Information for Cat owners:

  • We find our feline guests prefer their own company therefore all cats have their own private suite. Two cats from one family can certainly stay together, which is easily catered for in our facilities due to the spacious accommodation options.
  • Upon arrival, please ensure your cat is in a secure cat carrier. If you do not have one, please ask our office staff to assist you from the car. We have Australian made airline quality carriers available for purchase.
  • We provide everything your cat will need for their stay, however you are more than welcome to bring along your catʼs favourite bed or toys from home.