What time should I check my pet in?

The earlier in the day the better if possible, as this allows staff more time to spend with your pet to settle them in. All pets must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing time.

To minimise disruptions to other pets staying with us at Cottage Kennels & Cattery, clients are not able to accompany their pet to their enclosures. Inspections are always welcomed prior to your pet’s arrival date if you would like to see where your pet will be staying and the different accommodation options we have available. Please refer to “Contact us” page for inspection hours

We provide hammock beds and soft bedding, which we wash when needed and are able to replace with clean bedding straight away. For this reason, we prefer to use our own bedding. You are however welcome to bring your dog’s bedding along if they are booked into The Deck. We also provide a variety of toys, therefore no need to bring any toys with you either.

All cats boarding must have an F3 vaccination that is current throughout the duration of their stay which your cat should receive a minimum of 7-10 days prior to boarding.

All dogs boarding must have an C5 vaccination that is current throughout the duration of their stay which your dog should receive a minimum of 7-10 days prior to boarding

Yes, we never mix cats, however if you have two (or more) cats from the one family, they certainly can share a room.

We have many types and sizes of cat rooms ranging from six meters by three meters, scaling down to two meters by two meters.

We will endeavour to contact you, your emergency contact or your vet and act accordingly in your pet’s best interest. All pets are health checked daily and we have an on call vet should the need arise.

We provide a variety of wet and dry foods for dogs and cats. If your pet is on a prescription/special diet or you would prefer they are fed food from home, you are welcome to bring this along. Please send extra food along for your dog as we find that due to increased activity levels with us, we need to feed them more than what they are fed at home, to avoid weight loss. If you have meat or food that needs to be frozen then defrosted, please package the food into daily portions and we can defrost as we need. Labelling food is very much appreciated.

We have many types and sizes of dog enclosures ranging from eight meters by three meters, scaling down to four meters by three meters.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to collect your pet earlier or later than their original departure date. We bath all dogs the day before departure therefore we need to plan this accordingly. In off peak periods, you will only be charged for the days used, however in peak periods, you will be charged for the days booked.

We are more than happy for you to call or send an email for an update while you are away and we can let you know how your pet is going. Rest assured though, if we have any questions or concerns we will contact you right away.

Our staff are trained to administer complex medication regimes. Please send along your pet’s medication in its original veterinary packaging and ensure there is enough to last for their whole stay if required. Please note: we are unable to look after diabetic or insulin dependant pets.