All dogs receive a minimum of 3 to 4 hours outside every single day.

We have a very large number of exercise yards which vary in size and layout. They are comprised of mainly fresh maintained grass, however we also have a variety of yards with astro-turf or concrete for those with grass or pollen allergies. All yards have plenty of fresh drinking water available, shady areas from either tree canopies or shade sails, and excellent visibility throughout the whole area. Some yards also feature rock tunnels or climbing ramps, plus igloo kennels or hammock beds for lounging. 

Dogs who stay in Shared Accommodation get to go outside with their one friend only, and Single Accommodation dogs have a yard to themselves. We don’t have a big group ‘free for all’ which would have to be very carefully monitored at all times and can encourage some negative behaviours and incidents. This means that our guests can spend a lot longer outside playing in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment. 

In extreme weather conditions (i.e. extreme heat, storms or rain) we do bring the dogs back inside earlier for their safety, so on these day they would receive a shorter amount of outdoor exercise than usual.